XIGOLO is a decentralized blockchain-based gambling platform. XIGOLO offers chances for gamblers to win cryptocurrencies having complete transparency of games with proof of play. Unlike other online casinos, XIGOLO is providing you the best and safest platform to collect and exchange cryptocurrency. By using XIGOLO you can get a chance to try your luck and experience the highest quality cryptocurrency gambling online.

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XIGOLO is a blockchain-based online gaming platform. XIGOLO offers different casino games having unique features of live casino and provably fair gambling. XIGOLO provides the best, secured, and most innovative online gaming experience. The results and rewards of XIGOLO are blockchain and AI-based. Taking the prospect to earn more bitcoins then visit XIGOLO bitcoin casino and try your luck.


Live Casino Games

Live Casino gaming is the most exciting feature of the XIGOLO online gaming platform. Xigolo Live Casino brings you games that jump off the page and pull you right into the action. When you play in XIGOLO Live Casino you’ll be playing against a real dealer in real-time. Isn’t it exciting!

Casino Games

XIGOLO online gaming platform also offers online casino games including Roulette and Blackjack. XIGOLO online gaming platform comes with a wide range of games from Angle Race to online blackjack and roulette. You will always find a game that suits you. While you play casino online, on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Blockchain-Based Results and Rewards XIGOLO online casino results and rewards are blockchain-based, which reduces losses from fraud and error which is a major issue with loyalty today. Users can win cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, XP and many more.
Proof Of Play

XIGOLO online casino offers complete transparency of games with proof of play. Through this feature, you can see exactly what is playing, where, and for how long.

Non-Fungible Token Tokens used in XIGOLO online casino are non-fungible that help to verifiably prove ownership and authenticity of an asset. .

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Cross Reality Platform

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Blockchain gateway

XANA Digital Wallet is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency Wallet providing the best platform to access your Crypto Assets and do transactions with ease

Smart gaming


Xigolo online casino is the next formula for global gaming. All the results & rewards are blockchain-based.

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