Step 1

XIGOLO-register new user bonus-1

After visiting the Home page, click on the REGISTERED BONUS card to view your bonus.

Step 2

XIGOLO-register new user bonus-2

The registration bonus page will open on your screen.

1. Please select the type of registration bonus from the given below options.

2. Click on the checkbox to agree on the T&Cs for policies and receive a deposit bonus.

3. Press the APPLY button.

*To receive your registration bonus you first need to verify your mobile number.

4. Click on the Verify now option shown right below the APPLY button to proceed further.

Step 3

XIGOLO-register new user bonus nobile number popup-3

1. For mobile verification, enter your unregistered mobile number in the given field.

2. Click on the SMS button to receive OTP.

3. Enter OTP to verify mobile number to receive registration bonus.

4. Click on the VERIFY button.

A notification will popup on your screen that you are applied for a registration bonus.

Step 4


To get the registration bonus, you must deposit 10000xp to get the registration bonus.

Click on the Add button to deposit XP from your wallet, credit card or PayPal.


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